How can I apply?

Your agent will send you a digital application or you can stop by the office and pickup an application and requirement sheet.

How do I view a Bettina apartment?

You can reach out to us by calling our Rental Office at 212-744-3330.  Our agents will show you the apartment, or provide a virtual tour or video.  Or you can email us at

Do you have any income or financial requirements?

Applicants annual salary should equal 40X the monthly rent.  Guarantors annual salary should equal 70X the rent Applicant(s) should have a minimum of $3,000.00 in a financial account (savings) at all times.  Guarantor should have a minimum of $6,000.00 in a financial account (savings) at all times.  We also accept INSURANT OR THE GUARANTORS as

Do I need to provide anything besides the application?

A letter from employer typed on original company letterhead stating position, salary, and length of employment and social security number. Original copy must be provided. Three (3) recent pay-stubs. Two (2) forms of Photo identification at the time of lease signing. Three (3) recent months’ statements from a bank or other financial institution. Landlord verification,

What if I am self employed or just started my new job?

Original copy of letter from a Certified Public Accountant or Lawyer (including license number) on company letterhead verifying nature of business and income amount for the past three (3) years. The Applicant’s/Guarantor’s address and social security number should also be included. Three (3) most recent year’s tax returns, first and signature page of Federal form

Do you allow pets?

We are pet friendly.  Let your agent know that you have a pet.  You will be asked to provide a description and picture of your pet along with their most current inoculations. There are some breed and weight restrictions.