COVID-19 Updates
Health & Safety
The Bettina Equities team is dedicated to continually providing quality service while also keeping safety a top priority. To keep everyone safe during these unprecedented times, the following new policies and procedures have been implemented.
Face Masks
Tenants and visitors are required to wear face coverings in the public areas of any Bettina building, including any hallway, elevator, and laundry room.
Elevators are considered a confined space, so tenants and visitors are required to limit use to only one individual or household at a time.
Public Area Disinfecting
Please be assured all public areas are being regularly sanitized, with added attention being extended to high contact areas such as elevator buttons and door handles.
Hand Sanitizer
Hand sanitizer dispensers are available for your use in the lobby areas of each building.
Apartment Touring &
Leasing Procedures
The Bettina team is now actively conducting apartment and property tours, and is employing low-touch leasing procedures, all in accordance with NYC guidelines designed to keep you safe and healthy. Please review our updated policies.
Rental Office
The Bettina rental office is now open Monday - Friday from 9AM to 7PM. Prospective and current tenants are encouraged to schedule appointments to ensure restricted capacity limits can always be observed. All applications and lease executions will be initiated and processed electronically.
Tours of vacant apartments are now available on an appointment basis only. A member of the Bettina team, and the prospective tenants, will be the only parties authorized to enter a vacant apartment during these tours.
Health & Safety Precautions
All persons entering a vacant apartment are required to complete a brief COVID-19 health survey before their arrival, and to wear a face mask for the full duration of the apartment tour. Specific elevator policies will be discussed prior to a prospective tenant entering the building.
Safety Kits
Bettina is providing all prospective tenants with a safety kit to ensure their health and safety. The kit includes a face mask, disposable gloves, and a personal container of hand sanitizer.
To facilitate an efficient on-property tour, prospective tenants are encouraged to first complete a pre-arrival inspection of the vacant apartments they are considering. A library of photos, videos, and virtual walkthroughs is now available for this purpose.
Currently Occupied Apartments
Virtual tours and videos for can be arranged for select occupied apartments.
We're here for you!
As always, the Bettina team is ready to answer any questions and to address any concerns you may have.